99 plus is a series of artworks fusing street photography with elements of abstract painting. The original photographs are the result of multiple long-term stays in various metropolises and rural areas across the US.

Captured from the fluid present, the multiple facets of a hardened, resilient, and creative society are brought into its physical form.

The photographs of the individual artworks capture various urban as well as rural settings across the US, shot during the last decade. Each photograph was combined with abstract painting elements that add a new visual layer to the overall artwork.

Detail: Warehouse // 2021 // digital photograph x acrylic paint

The headlining piece of the series and overall line is the artwork 99plus Store. The series is also extended to digital artworks as NFTs in the 99plus NFTs line.

An artwork by artist Chris Aysele called 99plus Store, which is a digital photograph of an American 99 cent store painted over with colorful acrylic paint.
99plus Store // 2010 // digital photograph x acrylic paint

The artwork 99plus Store represents a passing moment that was captured in the fluid present. Photographed in the blink of an eye, it has been transformed into its physical form and re-expressed through its additional painterly layer. It is inspired by an ever-changing environment, the resilience and creativity of a hardened society.

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